Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Catch That FISH!

Last week, I posted about a fish phonics activity I picked up at Ross (you can read that post here).

Well, we added a twist to it today.

To start I found fish that would make one of Monkey’s sight words.

I threw the fish in the pool (you could use a tub, or a wading pool…whatever you have on hand).

Monkey caught the fish with his net.


Then he connected the letters together to make one of his sight words.


I ended up writing the words out for him, so he could try to figure out which word these letters would make. It was easier having that visual.

It was really fun. We will definitely play again.

I love finding games to play to work on our sight words, but playing them at random times, like when we just happen to be having a pool day!


  1. How FUN!!! I really LOVE this:)

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