Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Motto

As I was writing my Messy Mom post today, I got inspired. I was describing my fridge (of all things) and I wrote:

~I know it isn’t perfect. I am not trying to be perfect, just better~

All day I have been thinking about these words. I have strived for perfect my whole life, but not in that, type-A, very successful, straight A sort of way. I never got all A’s. I had a very high GPA in grad school (3.83…but I am not shamelessly bragging), but prior to then I just sort of scraped by. I was never the thinnest, or the prettiest, definitely not the most popular.

As I became an adult, married, had children…I just never felt good enough because I wasn’t perfect.

So today I was working on my kitchen trying to decide if I should share my before and after pictures. Not certain my afters were good enough. It occurred to me, how about if I just try to do better?

My fridge is better than it was, but not perfect. Is that enough???

Yes, It is!

And each day I will work so that things are better for myself and my family. I will never be the PERFECT mother, wife, woman….

But I can always make things better!

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