Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New For US

Teach Mama has a great blog. If you haven’t checked it out you really should. She hosts a blog hop, entitled New For Us Fridays.

This week, my addiction to Ross, continued. I found some great things there again. One of the items I found was called “Marble Race, and Domino Chase”. This seemed right up Monkey’s ally.


I purchased it for $9.99. Which I think is a great deal.

It includes a marble tower to build, and a domino set. But not just any domino set.  It comes with a train, that you load the dominos in the loader, and the train will lay the dominos for you.

Let’s just say it was great fun.

IMG_5286  IMG_5283 IMG_5284

The only thing we noticed is that the dominos fall down easily if they are not on a level surface. So we ended up going outside to  our porch.

Once the dominos are laid. You send the marbles down the tower, when they get to the bottom it sets off the dominos.

We are loving it!

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