Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stamp a word

Monkey has been working really hard on his sight words. I owe a huge thank you to Carissa at 1+1+1=1, for her “You Can Read” program.
As we have been working, I decided to get out our stamps, and try stamping the word. Monkey found this very difficult.
I thought it would be much easier if I changed 2 things.
1. I have ordered some new stamps. We have a set of stamps but they have multiple letters on each stamp (on each side is a different letter). This made the process hard because it was difficult to find the letter, plus once he did find it, it was hard to orient it the correct way. These are not his set, but they are similar.
So I purchased these from Amazon
I also bought an uppercase set as well.
2. The second thing that I changed, was I made a sheet so that he could stamp straight onto a paper. I created a set of the cards for Carissa’s first 6 sets of words. I will create more as needed. Click the thumbnail below to download. If you would like more, please let me know, and I will create more.
 I am linking up to Word Play, at 1+1+1=1.


  1. I love the roll a word and stamp a word games. We are going to hit sight words hard and heavy as soon as we get back from a beach trip. I would love more stamp a word sheets.
    Thanks sooooo much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for you comment Lynn. I will be making more stamp a word sheets soon. I am glad you can use them!

  3. I am amazed at how neat this is - good job!!!!