Friday, January 14, 2011

Alligator’s invention

While recovering from his surgery Alligator invented a game.

Let me start by saying that Alligator loves Scissors. He loves the opening and closing of the handles. So anytime he spies scissors he grabs them immediately, he is like a bird of prey.

So, even though he just had surgery, I again had to take scissors away from him. Well, he scoured through our toy tool box, and found a pair of toy pliers. They have a similar handle, so he was fascinated. Then he found a plastic board that has 3 holes in it and took it over to the art table. Where there were markers. He placed the markers in the holes, and tried to pull them out with the pliers.



He  was having a hard time working the pliers, he likes to have one hand on each handle, but he had to hold the board down or it would tip. So I taped it to the table and he went at it. Over and over again, he would grab (or inadvertently knock) the markers out of the holes, put them back in and try again!



I will definitely pull this out again in the future, he really enjoyed it!

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