Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine Sensory Bin


I have finally made something myself! Alligator and Monkey are both infatuated with our Valentine Sensory tub. Alligator chooses it at least once a day.

The items in it all came from the dollar isle at Target. It includes:

  • scatter hearts (I bought 3 boxes, pink, purple and red) (these were 2.50… who knew not everything was a dollar in the dollar isle)
  • some big hearts (for making garland)
  • a pack or 2 of felt heart stickers, (obviously they still have the paper on the back)
  • some valentine themed erasers
  • valentine ribbon (I cut it to different lengths, thinking that Monkey could sort them from biggest to smallest, we have yet to do that though)
  • and some heart shaped containers.

They love it! I add some cups and Alligator loves to transfer. He was transferring them to the rug until I gave him another bin to fill.

IMG_4422 IMG_4423

They even enjoy playing with it together!


However, they get a little wild, and then it gets put away. I guess they’ll learn if I keep putting it away when they make too much of a mess.

I have to say, the boys love a sensory tub, but if the filler is to small then it is really hard to clean up, because they don’t keep it in the bin. So these hearts make easier clean up.

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  1. Love it! I am trying to make a v-day sensory bin but there isn't much here in the bargain shops that isn't X-rated lol!