Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tot school 1-23-11

Alligator is a week away from turning 2!!!!!

We have a new system for tot school, we will see how it works! I have this shelf that I place his trays on.


The top 2 shelves have his trays. I am trying to teach him that we play with those only with Mommy or Daddy. Since Alligator plays independently in the play room at times, I have kept the small pieces in bag or sealed container so that he doesn’t just spill them on the floor.

The bottom 2 shelves just have some toys on that I will rotate. These are more for independent play.

On the top shelf this day was:


The feeding frog activity from


an activity for putting sticks in a cheese container (these happen to have hearts on the end)

And the 3rd activity is about learning the names for facial features (he know what they are, but we are working on their names)

The second shelf has


First words puzzles, our sensory bin and a heart game from Time for Tots.

Alligator loves the sensory bin.

He even will pull it down and carry it to me!


Here he is feeding a frog


matching the hearts (which I am amazed he could do)


Playing with his Tag Jr (I am setting out the reader and 1 book at a time. This is on his shelf. He chooses it a lot.


Another independent activity he chooses is his music box. It is stored under this couch, and he knows how to pull it out! He loves the drums! IMG_4416

Alex made a Valentine (again from Time for Tots) I added some of our stickers to it, and he was able to pull them off the paper (the stickers were real thick, so I think that helped) But he loved, doing it by himself!

IMG_4414   IMG_4412

FInally Alligator has been well enough to go play in the snow. He has never, ever been out it in before, because he has always been to sick. The ear tubes have been such a blessing.


To see what others are doing click the picture below!


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  1. Hi from the tot school link-up! Looks like a fun week! :)