Sunday, January 2, 2011

Toy Organization

I have seen quite a few blog posts lately about toy organization. So, I figured I would write my own…lol! My boys and I are very lucky and have a wonderful playroom. And we have these great storage bins. But as you can see from the picture below. They are very disorganized.


I always had these grand plans of taking pictures of what is in each cubby and then labeling them. But, what I realized is that doing so is a lot of work. So I cheated!

I went to Amazon and used their pictures to create signs for my bins. I mean hey, they paid someone to take pictures of these toys, so why not use them.

I used specific pictures for some bins (like the Handy Manny play set and Noah’s Ark) and other items like our ball bin, or our matchbox car bin are just generic pictures of cars and balls.


Then I printed on cardstock, cut them out, and laminated them.

Next I punched a hole in each label, and secured it to the correct bin. I used ribbon for the tags. We’ll see how well it holds up.


And here is the finished effect. The non-labeled box at the top left is full of boxes not in use. (Yes, EMPTY BINS). The 2 empty spaces in the middle is because the Handy Manny Set is currently being played with. The crane to it doesn’t fit in a bin, so it will have it’s own space. Also the blue bin on the right with out a tag has some of Alligator’s items in it, and it is awaiting a tag. YEAH!!! All clean!


A place for everything, and everything in its place.

I have saved the file I used if anyone wants a copy feel free to comment and I’ll happily send you a copy. I just didn't feel right about posting the document since I didn’t create the pictures myself.

The hardest part about this project was organizing the toys into like items (toy food, balls…). I do have one bin that has 3 different games in it, so I just put all three pictures on the label. They aren’t played with that often, so I didn’t want to use 3 whole bins to store them.

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  1. I have started my mission to organize our toy bins in the playroom and I came across your blog. You did exactly what I'm looking to do for our bins. If you still have the saved file of the pictures and are willing to share, I would love a copy. Thanks!