Thursday, January 6, 2011

Teach my Baby

I am always ordering things trying to find the next great thing to help me play with/teach my boys. I stumbled upon “teach my baby” on Amazon and had to place an order.  Check out their website.


Alligator is over the age for this (I think it is up to 18 months), but with his speech issues I thought it may help. We just played with the nesting blocks today. On 3 sides it has a picture and the words of a facial feature (tongue, nose, hair…) then one side is a mirror so that the child can see their own face.


1. I had no idea he could stack that well. He hasn’t ever stacked more than 2-3 items before.

2. He loved the mirror on each block, he gave himself kisses!

3. I learned he knows what teeth are. When I showed him the picture he immediately opened his mouth and pointed to his teeth. He also knows tongue. Who knew?

4. Monkey and Alligator played so well together.


IMG_4332 IMG_4331

I am going to focus on the facial features this week, you’ll see more in our wrap up Tot School post, Sunday or Monday.

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