Monday, January 3, 2011

Tot School---Christmas presents


Alligator has been pretty much sick since the beginning of November. Ear infection, after ear infection, after ear infection. We are at the point now where the antibiotics really aren’t doing anything, so we are headed to the ENT within the next couple of weeks. So, his pictures are not as beautiful as normal and their aren’t as many. You may see a runny nose or 2 as we go, and I am sorry for that.

Since he was too sick to go outside, I brought the snow inside for him! He didn’t love it, but Monkey did.


We painted a couple of times.


On Christmas Eve he brought me the football while I was working in the kitchen. Man that boy can throw (excuse my look, I was actually diagnosed with Pneumonia on Christmas eve)..

IMG_4208     IMG_4235 

He sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn to attract Santa.


This week for Tot-school I will be showing some of Alligator’s Christmas Presents.

A mini grand piano


An amazon bear that he loves to cuddle


A guitar


A table top easel (we have an art table that he loves but an easel is really good for developing arm motor control)


and a Noah’s ark


My favorite picture of Alligator was at my parent’s house. We sang “Oh, Christmas tree” to him as he spun in circles.


Click the link at the top of the page to see what others are doing for Tot School.

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