Monday, January 17, 2011

Tot-School 1-17-11

Tot School has been busy this week, but mostly because Alligator has been very sick. On Tuesday he was vomiting and had a fever of 103. Alligator had his surgery this week and got tubes in his ears. He has been much better since. I pray that the tubes help him stay healthy, and help his speech. So a lot of this week was spent in pajamas.

I must say, I am amazed with this surgery. He is a different child! He has pretty much been sick since mid-October. Man, when he is well….he wants to be busy. He constantly wants to have something to do. Which is a huge change, while sick he spent most of his time cuddling me, or watching TV. Not anymore….busy boy!

Now I know my ABC

from Totally Tots

Totally Tots has a unite on A is for Astronaut. So we followed that. I made an “A” sensory tub.


Alligator enjoyed the song and playing with the magnets to “5 little Astronauts”



We made rocket ships to go with the theme. Check out my post here.


Learning Games:

I would like to use trays but I don’t have a seperate area that is just for “school” so Alligator would have access to them all the time. So these would be on trays if I had a way to keep him out of them normally.

Straws and a cheese container ( I have seen this in so many times, and we finally finished off a cheese container!!!!!)


Time For Tots Activity: I am amazed Alligator can match colors. YAY….


Playing with our Teach my Baby Kit. This is for teaching early numbers. But they are animal hand puppets and they have a board with holes that you can put them in and take them out of. He even learned which animals go in which holes. He put them in and out for over 20 minutes. I tried to get him to say their names, or sounds but he didn’t. But we are working on it.


Time for Tots activity. Tiny objects that I put in ice for him to play with. He transferred with a spoon, he felt the ice, and picked out items. This was a big hit!


He colored at his art table.


He pulled out his music bin many times and has a ball playing songs. I am starting to think he really will be a musician. I think he be a percussionist!     


He rode on Rody ( as you can see he is still sick…in fact a couple hours after this he had a very high fever)



He had a blast building and crashing cup towers with Daddy and Monkey


Please click the link to see what others have done for Tot-School!.

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