Saturday, January 15, 2011

Preschool Corner 1-15-11


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I was really thinking we didn’t do much this week. But now looking at the pictures I realize how busy we were. Alligator had tubes put in on Thursday, so it was a very stressful week here in our house. But I am happy to see so much learning going on!

Even with Alligator being so sick there was a lot of learning with brother this week:

Stacking cups with Daddy and Alligator. The funnest part was knocking the tower down!


This picture is really shadowed, but we hid some items in ice, and the boys had fun playing with the items and feeling the cold, cold ice!


A is for Astronaut, from Totally Tots

(click here to see the unit)

A Sensory Bin:


We added an old cheese container, Monkey loves to shake out the rice.


5 little Astronauts. Monkey enjoyed putting up the astronauts as we sang the song.


Working on our Rocket (click here to see post)


We shot rockets to the moon. Using a straw and a smaller straw with a rocket shape taped to it. You blow the smaller straw out of the bigger straw to see if you can get it to land on the moon. I thought Monkey would love this activity, but it only lasted a few minutes.



Teach My Preschooler

Practicing writing numbers and shapes

IMG_4391     IMG_4390

Playing remote control cars with Daddy


Preschool Fun

Monkey came home from preschool telling me that they ice skated, but putting bags on their feet and sliding around on the carpet. He wanted to do it at home too. So of course we did!

IMG_4353    IMG_4352

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  1. Love the shooting rockets to the moon!!! How fun is that?! :)